So I went into the beauty store today…

This was one of those unforgettable moments. I went into my favorite beauty store today initially to test out the new Bare Minerals foundation that just came out. But while I was in the store I decided to ask one of the cool ladies there (I feel like they’re my homies, they are so cool) about an idea I’ve had to color my hair with a temporary color instead of a permanent one.

Earlier in the day I actually bought a henna-based color treatment from a health food store but when I asked a couple of the ladies about it they were both immediately like “No! Don’t use henna.” so I was glad I asked. I then asked another one who has also helped me a lot in the past with guidance through the process of lightening my hair. She suggested that if I want to color my hair I can just use a touch-up spray. They didn’t have the color she was thinking of for me to try, but she suggested another possible color and brought it to me and offered to test it on me. I leaned over and she sprayed but then said “This one is kind of pink.” in a matter-of-fact, serious kind of way. Looking at the bottle it was a rose-colored spray so, yes, my hair did turn a light pink.

It was so funny I laughed so hard and said something like “That’s cool. Maybe we can add some blue to go with it also!” and everyone just kind of cracked up laughing. There were like five of us all standing in a circle just laughing for a couple minutes and I kept joking about the color.

But another one of the ladies said “It actually looks kind of cool” and it made me think: Because my hair now is so light I can actually do this: I can spray cool colors like pinks or purples or whatever and they will actually look really cool.

So I agreed with her and was like “Heck yes, let’s try it!” so she took the rose-colored spray and properly did my hair all over with the rose-pink. I love it!

Now I want to go back there and try some other colors. Rose was cool but I want to try some more intense colors!