Amazing soul killed by Somali retard “refugee”

An amazing soul, a yoga instructor and inspiring person was killed for no reason by a Somali “refugee” who was allowed to become a police officer in Minneapolis. The average IQ of people from Somalia is between 67 and 74.

This piece of shit who should never have been let into the United States was given a firearm and a job which he did not have the capacity to maintain responsibility for.

The fact that this is a black-on-white shooting has been completely covered up in mainstream media. Just think what would be going on in the MSM now if the races were reversed.

To the sick fuckers in Minneapolis who allowed their community to be invaded through their deluded virtue-signaling: You have blood on your hands.

Here’s some more info.

Justine was remembered for her beautiful spirit and profound awareness of healing, which she focused her life around after losing family members to cancer, according to her website. Friends called her a beautiful person and “evolved soul”

Rule #1 of the new time: You always stay true to your people. Virtue-signaling is disease.

The best thing that can be done is to use this tragic death as a profound lesson and get rid of invader trash.

Will you choose life & enlightenment or cowardice?