Amazon Foods

Not much to say about it. On the face of it I don’t think it is necessarily bad. Whole Foods’ actual committment to oragnics is pretty weak already. Their committment to truly healthy foods over and above selling stuff intended to make profit is rather low IMHO. Look at how much space they waste for example on the baked goods, pretty much all of which is sugar-infested toxic shit, vs. what would be truly healthy alternatives with no sugar.

Aisle space says a lot about committment or lack thereof.

So what will acquisition by Amazon mean? It could me more efficiency as Amazon is known for its hard-core logistics. Isn’t that already where Whole Foods has been headed?

Then again, the selling of Whole Foods seems like the abandonment of yet another business by it’s creator, as happens over and over, as once homey brands get acquired by big conglomerates. It seems like a disease to me. It’s the wrong direction. We should have more smaller, family-owned brands that make their producsts with care, than large conglomerates swallowing up everything.

What’s happening seems to fit in with the overall pattern of increasing globalization at the expense of localization, which is unhealthy.

But we can try to remain open-minded and optimistic and see at least what happens.