I don’t get LinkedIn

So I signed up for LinkedIn last week because I’m starting to explore the possibility of employment. I thought I wouldn’t hurt to at least sign up and try to connect with some of my professors as a good start.

But the thing I don’t get about LinkedIn is this: They push so hard to get you to “connect” with people – based on what seems the most tenuous to virtually non-existent threads.

Isn’t LinkedIn supposed to be a professional networking thing? If that’s the case, why the fuck would I want to “friend” all these people whom I don’t know? I would only want to have connections with people which have meaning which to me means: 1. Professors or instructors; 2. Bosses; 3. Professional colleagues.

It’s like when you sign up the first thing they prompt you to do is to destroy the meaning of your account by having all these meaningless connections.

Maybe LinkedIn’s intentions aren’t bad. They’re just trying to make it convenient to expand your network. But what would the point be of adding for examle some person I happened to exchange e-mail addresses with several years ago but I have no idea what they actually do nor do they have any idea about me?

But if anything, it seems like if LinkedIn is going to have significance then it can’t be like Facebook. So why would they try to be like that?

LinkedIn doesn’t make sense.