Fearless Girl, Sketchy Dog, Charging Bull

Just read a news article about some of the sculptures in New York and how people are reacting to them.

When I read things like this is really makes some teachings of Buddhism poignant, especially the sermon of the dead wood.

You can look at a sculpture as a hunk of metal. Does the hunk of metal harm you? Does it affect you? It’s just a bunch of metal molecules. Only the mind sees a shape and spins around and gets all caught up in it. But in the end it’s just a harmless bunch of molecules.

So I think you could just walk by a hunk of metal like that and basically ignore it. Or witness in an objective way how this object, this collection of molecules effects other people and just accept it all as part of the world.

If you walk past it every day you could think as you pass it: “Here is this metallic object which exerts an effect on people.” or, perhaps more accurately: “Here is this metallic object which people engage in a range of mentations over.”, and just keep walking without giving it more thought.