I’m embarrassed to post this, but this is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned

I’m embarrassed to write this post but I really love this handheld cannister vacuum I got recently – an Oreck BB1200. Note that the model variant on their website is “DB” but the one I found online for a really good price was the “LR”.

This is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. The build quality is amazing.  It’s made in USA. If you want to know how well things were made in the 1970’s get this.  For someone who lives in an apartment this is the perfect vacuum cleaner.

It’s lightweight and you can either hold it with the convenient handle or use the shoulder strap. Even though the filter compartment isn’t really large it seems to compress the dirt so well you don’t have to empty the filter for a long time.

It also has a secondary filter where the air exhaust comes out in the back which is a really nice touch. The power cord is quite long which is very convenient and it’s made of a high-quality rubber material which is much nicer than the cheaper vinyl-type power cords.

This vacuum is so nice that it actually makes cleaning fun. All I can say is that getting this vacuum was an excellent investment.

Now that I’ve written a post about a vacuum cleaner I know I’ve passed inexorably into the realm of being a complete geek. But I’m happy 🙂

Oreck BB1200. Love it!