Hypernormalization and crime

Am watching the film Hypernormalization again and I like the part where they’re discussing the idea of the job of politicians is to deal with managed outcomes.

I see that every day. Managed outcomes means that we let people out of jails because there isn’t enough space to hold them and anyhow it costs more money. So you basically have criminals out in the streets. At this point in the breakdown of society it’s tacitly accepted that you can steal things from people and get away with it.

There was a case of a woman who actually stole an ambulance – yes, an ambulance – and yet a couple days later she was shot by police after she had stolen another vehicle and tried to run them over. What the fuck was she doing out free after having stolen an ambulance?? Managed outcomes.

Part of managed outcomes means accepting that certain people are victimized as just part of the equation. Your shit gets stolen, your car broken into, or even stolen – that’s just an acceptable part of it all. No investigation is done because – there’s other shit they need to investigate like stabbings and killings, etc. Managed outcomes.

Basically we’re in a fucked world that has broken down this far and is getting worse, yet like all the fake news and ubiquitous lies – just like the sugar that is in all the foods – an illusion is created of some kind of normality that is purely contrived. It has no relation to reality because reality doesn’t really mean shit.

The lawlessness and insecurity in your community, the breakdown of order and of rule of law in socity, the inexorable descent of our country into a vast, third-world savagescape: Managed outcomes.

By the way, the film does mention Donald Trump. It seems to take an agnostic position about him or perhaps they are trying to paint him as some kind of opportunist. However I believe that God put Donald Trump in that position so that he would gain wealth and one day become the leader of America during it’s time of crisis.