What the fake news thing is about

What the fake news things about is this: Only the oligarchy-controlled mainstream media has the right to create fake news. They are targeting unsanctioned sources of fake news because they want to maintain the exclusive right to create and distribute fake news.

Let me give you some examples of fake news:

Remember the thing about soymilk being bad? Soymilk can cause breast cancer, etc. That is 100% fake bullshit. Soymilk is extremely healthy. Yes there are naturally occurring compounds in soymilk but they occur at levels so incredibly low that they absolutely pose no health risk whatsoever. In fact they may be beneficial. The soymilk is bad story is 100% fake news. It’s a lie. Yet debunking this lie was not a priority for the fake news mainstream media.

I regularly see “news” articles panning organics, panning vegetarianism and veganism. Let’s be clear about this: Organic food is absolutely better. Just because some chemist did or did not detect something in a lab in a sample doesn’t mean that organic food is bad. That’s complete bullshit. This is a huge lie. Yet again debunking this lie is not a priority.

Vegetarianism and veganism have also been the subject of many fake news attacks. There’s no question that going vegan is one of the absolute best things you can do for the Earth and for your body (and soul). There have been a lot of fake stories – again based on what some extremely limited analysis concluded. Again, there is no outcry over this.

Just like there is sugar loaded into so many foods – walk into even a “health” food store and so many of the products are loaded with sugar – we are being pumped with incessant lies and disinformation.

And just as with sugar, it’s very hard to avoid the lies. They permeate everything. It takes an extreme amount of diligence and perseverance to recognize them and to avoid them.

They know that most people don’t have the will, the strength to resist and that’s how they win.

Hence we have a society that’s extremely sick.