I realize, now, what’s missing

I’ve been aware of this for some time. It seems like the more immersed I became with the AltRight the more I became aware of it. There’s a disjunct. Something is not right. Something is really not right. I mean, just look at the disconnect between what people are saying and what is reality.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what it is. In fact it’s pretty obvious once you step outside the echo-chamber-bubble-thing of these online forums/social-media-things/whatever-they-are-called.

People can blah blah blah all day and to some extent it may help, but in the end – in the end – you need a movement. You need actual power. You need to move people and, above all, you need leaders.

Social media/echo-chamber-thing stars are not really leaders. There is the potential that they could be, but for the most part, by-and-large, they aren’t. If there are any leaders among them it would be one of the rarest exceptions actually.

None of the people on the AltRight are really leaders. There are many pundits, theoreticians, social scientists, analysts, etc. But we really, unfortunately, don’t have a leader. By leader I mean someone like Donald Trump – but even better. I mean a person who has it in them naturally to be a leader, who can actually stand up in front of a crowd and get them going – without needing an online presence or anything.

And I realize also that this situation is not unique to the AltRight. The left is in a similar, quite sad position. I saw a news segment about a Democrat podcast event that was held yesterday. There were some former staff from the Obama administration there and then Kamala Harris showed up. She came of like complete crap, totally lacking any natural leadership ability, like some kind of parasitic worm.

These effete former Obama administration guys were talking and the whole thing was basically drab as hell. Like the proverbial ceremonial wedding sheep that is slaughtered but has no blood. An empty sacrifice.

Yesterday I watched a Millennial Woes video where he was answering a reader’s question about what regrets he has in his life. It kind of makes me think that, if I have any regret, it’s that taking the path I’ve taken in my life, for reasons I will not discuss here, kind of makes it impossible for me to be a leader. Because the more I become aware of all this stuff the more it is clear to me that I actually am one of those few people who has an innate ability to be a strong, good leader.

All I can say is: Without a leader, without leaders – true leaders – people are fucked. Pundits are good. Talking heads are good. Commentators are good. Analysts are good. Social media icons are good. Etc. etc. but what is really, sorely needed right now is/are (a) good leader(s). I really think that’s one major reason why we’re so fucked and why things are going to continue to collapse.

It’s not enough for people to comment on, to discuss things. You have to lead. You have to stand up in front of people and explain to them what they need and how they can do it. You have to connect the world of ideas with the crucial world of action. I have to say a lot of this stuff online – you can keep doing all this agitating and stuff – but without leadership, without a movement actually going somewhere, getting things done, getting things accomplished, it doesn’t amount to much. It might even be counterproductive in some ways.

I appreciate many of the thoughtful people (actually AltRight, left, or any other persuasion) who contribute actual ideas and make us think and become more aware, but we really need (a) leader(s)!


Now that I think about it, that might actually be one of the things the oligarchy and its mind-control/propaganda establishment is really afraid of: Real leaders. Passionate leaders. People who can really stand up and make things happen.