What I saw the other day

I was on a bus in the city and this disgusting, ugly as fuck obese Mexican illegal woman who appeared to speak only very little English was with a young Caucasian boy who was seated next to her. She was obviously the caretaker of this boy, hired by some yuppie parent or parents to watch him while they work during the day.

The way the ugly woman treated the boy was shocking. She would bark things at him in Spanish which he obviously didn’t understand. The way she treated him was humiliating and degrading. I felt sorry for the poor boy.

At one point the disgusting ugly woman starts eating cheeze-puffs or whatever those disgusting snacks are – I don’t even know what they are because I would never in a million years even touch one. They are so toxic that I would feel guilty throwing one in my garbage bin.

She is stuffing them in her mouth in a way to taunt and humiliate the boy, but then she takes one puff and gives it to the boy and he eats it.

The way she treated the boy was humiliating and degrading. I wonder if the parent(s) know this. What a fucked up life that poor boy must have. Even though his parent(s) have money and are probably rich, what a fucked up family.

Just one more fucked up, twisted, demented thing to witness in the pile of shit city which is such a bastion of liberal values.