Christianity, Morality, and #TradLife

I’ll just be blunt about this: I actually find it sickening that some people think that reverting to Christianity is virtuous. The reason I’m not Christian isn’t because I’m not moral, it’s because I find it immoral to practice Christianity.

To practice Christianity would mean throwing away an essential part of what is spirituality. Christianity is going backwards. Christianity is part of why we have all these problems. Because our spiritual tradition is so fucked up is very much a part of why there is nihilism and all this other sick shit. If we had a healthy, wholesome spiritual core based on wisdom people would’t be turning from it, rebelling from it, rejecting it. That is not to blame Christianity for everything wrong, but rather to say that it is precisely because of Christianity that there can be wrong things. In order for things to go wrong, you need a fucked up spiritual core like Christianity (among other things).

I am a spiritual person and my practice has incorporated things like loving my body, loving Earth, merging my body with Earth at a deep level (the mysticism of nature), being vegan, being into fitness, yoga, and meditation, studying ancient wisdom, being virtuous, being minimalistic with respect to materialism, and pursuing classical arts. Those are not incidental things to spirituality, they are at the core. I find it immoral to go sit on my ass in some building and listen to people blah blah blah and maybe sing some bad songs and have the arrogance to think that that is somehow virtuous or what God wants. Sorry but that’s bullshit.

God wants me outside under the sky, on the Earth, breathing fresh air, with the rays of Sun enveloping as much of my skin as possible. God wants me to run, to swim, to do yoga, to sweat, and to practice intense dhyana. God wants me to pursue classical arts because that is cultivation. God wants me to become learned but not without my body, not without my soul.

So fuck Christianity, which I find repulsive. Sorry, but to think that you’re ingesting the body and blood of Jesus, that’s basically fucked. If you want to become one with God get off your ass. Put on your running shoes and get outside. Do yoga in the grass. Feel the ground pressing into your face as you face down in a yoga posture, humbling yourself on Earth.

Eat vegan. Don’t kill sentient animals. Practice wisdom. Study the sermons of Buddha who was really fucking wise. Study the wisdom of Taoist masters. Study classical arts. Cultivate yourself.

Christianity is part of why we in the West are fucked. It is part of why our culture is failing. Because this essential component of our culture is fucked up it enabled our culture to be weak and fucked up and fail like it is. Reverting back to Christianity is not the answer. Wake the fuck up and move forward.

Sorry there’s no easy, pat answer. Traditionalism shouldn’t mean regressive conformity. Look at other advanced, evolved cultures and understand what advance and evolution are, and add your own wisdom to it. You know inside where to go.