The invasion of illegals

about 1 in 8 students in California schools has at least one parent who is undocumented

Education Trust-West, an advocacy organization in Oakland, estimates that 750,000 students in California’s preK-12 schools have an undocumented parent

This is full-scale invasion. Every public official responsible for enabling this should be prosecuted.

Taxpayers are paying for this. Opportunities for citizens are lost. Precious resources are drained on this. This is treason against America. Full scale invasion.

Last week in an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said undocumented students who have received temporary relief from deportation through the DACA program could “rest easy.” “We are not after the Dreamers…”

That is breaking one of the most important promises he made when he ran for office. He was elected explicitly to address the problem of the United States being invaded on the promise that all illegals would “have to go”.