People actually live in non-multicultural-fucked-up-hellholes!

There was not the slightest sense of menace or even wariness in any of this. Those of us with experience in multiracial societies know that being on guard while doing these things—or skipping them altogether—is one of the “benefits” of diversity.

describing life in Krakow, Poland Notes from a White Country, Part II

This is the way it’s supposed to be. This is the right, the entitlement you have which you relinquised and were told that it was for some altruistic good. The sacrifice of your happiness. Of your safety. Of your peace. Of your ability to enjoy where you live. Of the ability of members of your tribe to build centers of civilization and cultivation which truly are civilized, cultivated, and sustainably so in perpetuity for you and for your people.

This is what it’s like in a society that is not infliced with the disease of pathological altruism where the unending stream of victims’ blood which is poured is never the blood of the “humanitarian” leaders forcing upon their peoples invasion, displacement, victimization, and loss.

Because in a multi-cultural degenerate hellhole beridden with rampant crime, lawlessness, and despair you’re supposed to do one and only one thing: Shut up and bleed. Abdicate your right to a happy life, the life that was earned by the sweat and blood of your ancestors. Abdicate what is yours and bleed for the sake of multiculturalism.