It’s amazing how many worlds have opened

I just compiled and ran my first C# app. Just a basic “Hello world” app. It looks very similar to Java.

Recently I was also was looking at how to create a class with C++. I never studied C++ before but just because I’ve studied Java, PHP, and Python it looked familiar to me, like something I could grasp rather quickly.

It’s like new worlds have opened to me which I never before would have imagined just a couple years ago before I took my first modern CS course.

I basically understand programming now. Maybe not everything, but I know a good amount to be able to look at code and understand what’s happening.

One thing I realize is that programming is actually a huge, vast area with so many different areas of concentration. I don’t even know if it’s possible for me to even understand or know yet what area I would like to be involved with. So for now I’m just continuing to learn patiently.

I see now that programming is just like knowing anything else. People are wrong to think something like “some people program, others don’t”. Everyone can learn to code and enjoy it. It’s just like any other thing people do. If you want to learn to code just do it. You can create programs. Whatever you want. You just learn the tools and become familiar with the concepts.

The only thing that worries me is spending too much time doing it. Sometimes I’m afraid that I will spend too much time and miss out on life. On the other hand though, I’m really appreciative of this extremely powerful tool, something very new for humans. Only it’s very bittersweet to me because just as we humans have created such great technology, we’re totally fucking up our societies and our planet. It seems like in the end it’s all a waste because everything is going to burn up.

I really can’t understand how people who try to cultivate brahmanic energy, who follow brahmanic pursuits, aren’t pissed off at what’s happening, that they allow all this appalling shit to occur in society, to allow degeneracy and dysgenia and all the mass stupidity. The situation is really fucked.

Even though I enjoy programming I am losing interest in being in this sick, fucked up world. I guess I can take a philosophical approach to my own brahmanic cultivation. I can detach from it and allow it to dissipate into emptiness because what matters isn’t the actual subject of the cultivation but the cultivation itself. While it’s sad we have to lose this body, I believe that I am even more beautiful, more amazing than this body. My true home is the Cosmos. This is only temporary.

It’s good to be learning what I’m learning now, and to have learned what I’ve already learned. But what is more important is to learn about the Cosmic destiny of which I am a part.

I feel like I came to this world to dance, but this world didn’t want to dance with me. It’s ok, there will be other places to dance in the future.