How can you not love Ayla?

Watching Wife with a Purpose’s latest video – post nasty derisive mainstream media coverage of her which occurred last week.

All I can say is: How can you not love Ayla? She’s so cool! She’s this amazing, thought-provoking, conscientious, and considerate mom who creates these videos where she shares her insights, knowledge, wisdom, and ideas honestly and openly.

The only people who could not like her are people who don’t want you to think, to use your mind, and to freely express ideas and communicate.

Unfortunately there are a lot of such people as can be seen. To see her being attacked is just like, wow. Attackers instantly and completely lose all credibility.

First Millenial Woes and now Wife with a Purpose. And we see how totally out of touch mainstream media has become – a dying dinosoar on the verge of a very welcome extinction.

I think the most sick thing about it is the overarching arrogance of the dying mainstream media as it just implicitly thinks it is in a position to pronounce the totality of a person’s ideas and thoughts as unacceptable, like a Pontiff at some kind of inquisition.