It all goes up in flames

Top UC Berkeley Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Hudin also admitted that Searle “has had sexual relationships with his students and others in the past in exchange for academic, monetary, or other benefits.”

“I’m fucking my professor | boss | commander.”

Everything goes up in flames.

I think America is satanic and this type of thing, which we see frequently in media, indicates it. Using one’s status to get sex – that’s just so inappropriate. American society is satanic, it is possessed by demonic energy. Now another career up in flames.

What the fuck did they research at the “social ontology” center? They are blind to satanism. What the fuck is worth researching if you are blind to satanism?

The sad thing is, the victims of demonic energy are usually the last ones to fully comprehend it. They are too messed up by it to be able to see clearly.

The drug epidemic is another sign of the satanism. It does the same thing – the victim caves in to the desire and for a while they ride high – before it burns them, burns up their life, usually burns up their bodies and leaves them as a burned-out shell.

Satanism is a sign of a sick and a weak society that lacks positive role models. This definitely fits in with the cultural marxist stuff that is being pushed onto society. As a transgender I’m aware of this. I see how there are two transgenderisms – the politicized one that is used as a prop or a tool for people with agendas, people vying for power, and then the reality one of actual people who are transgender whose realities transcend any projections cast upon them.

To be clear, in the case above its not the sex that is satanic, its the caving in, the lack of ideals. If he had just hired an escort to fuck for $200 and had his fun that would have been that. But to prey on students – creepy and wrong. To think that one’s increase in status and privilege equates with an entitlement to sex – something’s fucked in his head.

Bill Clinton did this kind of shit also.

The satanic aspect comes into play because what’s happening with this guy is happening in the context of society – the cues – whether he’s aware of them or not – that his mind and spirit receive, all the feedbacks from society, the absence of things which in a healthy society would be there but which are not, all these things lead for this to happen, like the guy lost in his own hubris in the heart of the jungle.

It’s amazing how many things would be solved by people 1) hiring an escort (and a decent one, not some fucked up trash); 2) masturbating; and 3) practicing more temperance and abstaining. This is exactly the kind of thing that a professional escort could have solved.