Study shows using GPS while driving switches off parts of brain

Reading about a new study which has shown that part of the brain in people driving with the aid of GPS is switched off.

I cannot say for other people, but I know for myself the changes which occur via using GPS to navigate are extremely positive ones. Instead of being anxious and preoccupied with looking for street signs and where to turn and which way I’m heading, when using GPS I can just chill out and relax. I can actually be much more aware of the actual scenery around me and I’m generally in a much better state of mind.

Sometimes I like to have GPS on even when I know a route to where I’m going, because it just makes it that much easier to not have to worry about missing a turn or looking for signs. There’s something very reassuring about driving with GPS and knowing, for example, that two miles before you need to take an exit ramp off a highway, you will be notified.