Should a country be strict?

Breaking down a lot of what’s happening. Behind all the accusations, rhetoric, etc. is one fundamental question. It is based on this: Does consideration of whether any human being is “good” or has some inherent value relevant for the sake of determining laws of a country?

First of all, I’m not talking about local laws. Local laws are more related to community, family, and neighborhood issues and often are much more lenient.

But I’m talking about a country’s laws. A country is not and cannot be run like a community. It is an entirely different matter.

If someone enters a country illegally and commits a crime, even if that person can be said to be inherently a good person or a person of value – of course almost all people have inherent value – I might exclude people who perpetrate heinous crimes from that – is it appropriate that that person be deported?

The answer is yes. It has to be yes. The alternative is a breakdown of society – a breakdown of civilization – and chaos. Guess what? There’s a hell of a lot of chaos.

The way I look at it is this: Think of it as being another country. Just create an example country in your mind and then imagine that country existing and there are people in it, and that country has laws. It has a border. It has an immigration policy. The purpose of that immigration policy is to benefit the people of the country. Any other type of immigration policy is betrayal of the people of the country and means something is severely wrong – for example it might be that the country has been so infiltrated by people of another country that the country’s policies are now going against it’s own people in order to benefit those from another country. It is a basic fact that every country’s government should always act to benefit its citizens.

If someone comes into the country and commits a crime – anything from basic petty theft of a candy bar and up – they should be kicked out. This is basic stuff. It would be the same if someone were to be a guest in your home. If they came as a guest into your home and stole a few minor items it would still be very serious. It absolutely should not be excused and it should be taken very seriously.

That is the same issue with a country. People coming into a country are like guests in a home. By coming into a home and breaking any law, they are doing something very serious. It is simply not excusable.

From a community viewpoint it might seem harsh, but you absolutely can not run a country based on policies for a community.

Yes, a country should be, and must be, strict.

People who come into a country should be on their best behaviour, to a higher standard than if they were in their own community in their own country. That’s how we define what a country is. People who don’t understand that shouldn’t be in government.