The gifts they fail to give

I wrote previously about this idea of seeing reality as either the receiving and giving of gifts or as the absence of the reception and provision of gifts.

Let’s say that someone is in a position of responsibility – a public official, a politician. That person got into office how? Mostly through scam-style activities and intentions. This is no surprise to anyone. It is well understood that this is basically how politicians operate. Even shows like The West Wing expound this in considerable detail – it is like a background given in almost every episode.

In The West Wing this is offset by the seeming noble intentions of the main politician characters in the drama and their staff. Yes they scheme, but they are scheming for a good cause, and they are scheming because that’s just what you have to do to be a player.

But in real life it’s not so noble. We have the scheming, but the good intentions fail not only because of deliberate disregard for higher intentions, but often just incompetence or pathological delusion.

For example politicians who advocate pro-illegal immigration are advocating for harm of people. While they themselves may not experience the deleterious effects of their actions, others will. While they are insulated from it, others will bleed. That’s how it works, and that’s why they’re pathological.

On the other side, it may well be that even this pathological incompetence is a sham, is a cover for something that is truly, deliberately malevolent. It may just be that their agenda is intentionally to flood a white society with huge swarms of illiterate, high-breeding, third-world invaders in order to provide cheap labor, serve as cogs in their economic machines, even while they lay waste to the host culture.

Whatever it is, people in such positions are basically failing to give gifts. What gifts? Think about it.

I have on multiple occasions been the victim of illegals. I was almost killed by them. There have been many other things also. There are things that are difficult to count – such as opportunities which I have been deprived of which I never knew about because of their absence.

Those are the types of things that are failing to be given.

While politicians who do this are living insulated from the disasters, inconveniences, chaos, and destruction they cause, I believe that surely one day in their own lives they will experience the deprivation of those things which they fail to give. If they fail to give a society of safety, of peace, of low crime, of hope, of positive energy of being among educated people of your culture, then one day they will experience that.

One day they will be in a position, somewhere, somehow where they are deprived of safety, peace, low crime, hope, and positive energy.

That said, it is truly a catastrophe for every country that has such public officials.

As a resident of California and an American citizen, I am sick of feel insecure every time I read the news and see how the public officials in my state and in my city are giving everything away to illegals, how they are rewarding fraud, giving carrots to those who cut the line and broke the rules.

Knowing how hard I have struggled in my own life just to make ends meet and to stay afloat, it makes me sick to see precious public resources – even one penny – being spent on illegals and on criminals and those who have failed to be responsible members of our society.

I thank God that Donald Trump is now President of the United States but it is sickening to witness the widespread treason and betrayal of the American people day in and day out as they stand up for “sanctuaries” even while they are actually destroying my sanctuary and the sanctuaries of millions of people like myself.