If America were healthy it would cultivate brahminic energy, not destroy it

America is getting the shit kicked out of it. Silicon Valley is one of the major forces responsible for this. The betrayal by Silicon Valley of the people of America is an arch crime.

I have been to Silicon Valley. There are companies – huge campuses on vast sites – where there are literally legions of foreigners who have been brought in to work at these companies. Most are from India and China.

Think of this: An entire industry, based in a country, that has no allegiance to that country. In terms of its hiring practicies, it has no allegiance to the people of its own country.

If the American education system is broken, if the infrastructure which supports Americans and enables them to obtain education is broken, what Silicon Valley is doing is not only not helping the problem, they are exacerbating in it a major way. It’s like throwing salt in wounds.

As long as Silicon Valley can get away with another hit of the crack pipe of foreign workers, nothing will ever change – in fact things will continue to get worse. There will be no incentive to address much less even try to understand underlying problems with education, infrastructure, housing, etc.

Right next to these huge campuses are the ghettos of third world, illiterate, mostly illegal migrants who have invaded in legion. It’s shocking to see. Entire cities have literally been taken over by vast swarms of illegals. If you visited a community park in one of these cities say 20 years ago, what you would have seen would have been vastly different than what you see today. It would have been filled with Americans. Now it is filled with illegals. The scale of the flood is mind-boggling. There is no way that the government, that people in authority could not have known. Yet not once have they spoken honestly about this – America went from a country with a normal border and immigration policy to one with no border policy whatsover and a huge floods of people streaming in overnight, and no discussion was ever had. No public discourse was ever engaged in. Politicians will not even admit to it, but if anyone even attempts to speak up about it or try to have a conversation they are immediately branded as a xenophobic extremist racist. What public officials have done – especially in a state like California – amounts to an arch-crime. It amounts to treason, which is literally the undermining of the people of a country in order to benefit foreign citizens.

Someone needs to write a book about all this because this is one of the greatest arch crimes that has occurred in the history of America. If America were healthy there would be no Silicon Valley as it is today. Perhaps as it was 30 years ago. But not today. What it is today is a crime, a betrayal of the people of America.

On another note: Yes there are tech companies that are founded by, run by, and staffed by Americans. In fact I’ve worked at some. But I can also say that many of these companies, in the long run, are inconsequential. Think of a company like Twitter – what does Twitter actually do? All they do is make an app that could really be made by anyone. There’s nothing particularly special nor innovative about Twitter. It is a company. It has had a lot of revenue via exploiting the filling of a particular niche at a particular time – not even in the best way that that niche could potentially have been filled, but in an opportunitistic way. A company like Twitter is not really based on much. It is kind of just fluff. It does not create any hardware. It does not really do that much. [I’m not urging anyone to stop using Twitter, just pointing out it’s position.]

By the way, any company like Twitter could be replaced tomorrow. By a company from China, or from anywhere. If we lose net neurality a carrier could create its own version of Twitter and force people to use it and not use Twitter, in a variety of insidious yet effective ways. Image if you subscribe to a broadband “provider” but, in using them, you are also forced into using all their sites – their version of Twitter, their version of Facebook, of photo sharing, of everything. Because they can just block the competition. Again, not outright block it, but they have a thousand insidious ways they could make it so that alternate services were basically unusuable and their end-users have no recourse to appeal.

Right now when you get a phone from ATT, or Verizon for example, you will see that it is loaded with all their crap apps which we call bloatware. They have the ATT and Verizon versions of everything – of chat, of photo-sharing, of books, newstand, videos, games, etc. Right now you can ignore or delete that bloatware. But they would love nothing more than to force you to have to use it, and to prevent you from using anything else. It really is sick and a violation of the basic principles which underlie the Internet and enabled it to become so successful.

I am concerned because we see a huge shift of companies that do do consequential, major things being shifted to China. IBM sold its Thinkpad division to China. So much of the core tech industry which is now indispensible is based in China, even though most of it was probably developed in Silicon Valley.

I have also written previously about having an environment which is conducive to brahminic cultivation. Every successful society, whether it explicitly recognizes it or not, has a brahminic class – a class that is dedicated to learning, to cultivation, to the highest development of the spirit and intellect. Not every one is a member of this class, but a healthy society cherishes and protects such a class. Allows it to foster. Not throw it under the bus. The braminic class is the class of high priests and scientists who are transmitters of knowlege and shining examples in their societies. It is the people who are intellectual, who learn and who love learning. Not just efficient bean-counters of which there are many, but people who genuninely love culture and arts. They are the true carriers of culture, the ones who pertetuate it. Our society may be so damaged that it is simply used to there being a void of such people, because it has so methodically destroyed the grounds for their existence. Our society may have gone over the brink of not even being able to recognize what it lacks. There are entire realms of the spirit which, in healthy societies flourish, which may be gone and their absence not even recognized.

This class, contrary to the distorted image that people may have, is not a wealthy class but a poor one. The braminic life is not one of material wealth. But neither is it one of poverty as we are seeing now. It cannot exist in the context of hyper-competition that has been recklessly brought about by the oligarchy and the globalist leftists.

It is sickening that as companies like Google have grown, they have actually significantly destroyed the grounds for brahminic energy in the region in which they are located by causing huge disparities. They are like a cancer, not a medicine. Their net effect is to spread disease in the communities that they break.

The abject betrayal of the brahminic classes in their own societies by leftist globalists is sickening. Even while they are shouting for what they claim are human rights they are actually responsible for perpetuating major destruction and damage. They are effectively wiping out a vast amount of the accomplishments that were attainted over the past decades with their pathological globalist insanity. Now they have become so progressive that they are actually embracing cultures which represent a complete regression of the very values they claim to be proponents of. Seeing women at women’s marches with their heads wrapped in headscarves a la Islam – a la reduction of women to slaves of men – is a classic example of this. It is supreme ignorance to think that people from cultures which have literally in bred this negative treatment of women – not to mention many other things – for centuries into their cultural and physical DNA – will just magically change overnight. The consequences of this catastrophic delusion are apparent. One in four women in Sweden is now likely to be raped in her lifetime. Sweden is now the country with the second highest level of rape in the world. Sweden used to be a country with a high level of brahminic cultivation. What it is now is a catastrophe.

The urban centers that the globalist oligarch leftists have had a stranglehold over for decades have become decrepit, rotting third-world pits filled with crime. Even while they are grandstanding for supposed progressive values, the communities they are responsible for have collapsed.

America, and people of cultivation and intellect, are getting the shit kicked out of them and the ones doing the kicking are the leftist globalists.