Here is why action is being propsed/taken against what is called hate speech

I’m a transsexual. What if someone goes online and posts videos or in forums and says things like “Kill all the trannies” and then other people see or read it and get riled up and one day when I go outside I get attacked or killed?

It’s not just if I were attacked or killed. Is it fair to me to have to live in a state of hostility and persecution for just living? I’m not bothering anyone. I don’t hurt people. Some people would try to make some kind of argument that my mere existing is harming people. I guess to some people, possibly to many, I don’t have a right to exist and therefore have no right to not be the subject of hostility and derision.

There are people in the AltRight who are like that. I have to say something: I’ve followed different accounts online and have witnessed people engaging in hard core derision and hostility towards others. Such activity really sickens me. It immediately makes the person engaging in it completely lose all credibility. And often when I stopped “following” such people – surprise – their accounts also got shut down.

I’m actually glad that this happens. Sorry, but we live in a civil society and that’s one of the rules we have. If people do it in their own mind or around their friends or family in privacy that is one thing. But the Internet is not private.

So I can’t say exactly what is being proposed or what actions are taken and whether they are or are not the best, but that at least is why people are making proposals and taking action.

It’s good that people think twice about what they write or post in videos because that can harm others. Derision is harm. Derision is inciteful and people can and frequently do suffer as a result of it. People – no matter who they are – we have accepted this as a basic fundamental principle of civil society – should not have to live under contempt and derision, and in fear for their safety.

Now one problem is that this gets carried to far. People have a right to criticize open border policies, mass immigration of people from cultures which do not mix with the native culture, etc. Other people know about all the above stuff and will use these concerns about derision as weapons to attack people making valid criticisms and statements. People hijack what are supposed to be ideas based on good intentions to genuinely protect people, in order to advocate for some position.

People who do that are contemptible and unfortunately they are tolerated. The huge hypocrisy of the institutionalized “left” is it’s failure to recognize such hijacking and make a stand against it, in order to maintain the integrity of actual protection from derision.

The institutionalized left in hand with the oligarchy and globalists exploit valid conerns about derision and hatefulness to suit specific agendas. In some cases they completely ignore it, in other cases they try to apply it where it is not appropriate.

As a transsexual I’m really aware of this. I see how in some cases people use their supposed advocacy for transgender “rights” to further specific agendas which in the end are not necessarily actually ones most beneficial to transgenders. But then in other cases they completely ignore issues. They are huge hypocrites.

People recognize that this is happening. They witness this vast hypocrisy of the “left” and so the left loses all credibility. People are being driven away en masse from the left exactly because of this type of hypocrisy.

And we have all this stuff about fake news going on in the background, while the “liberal” mainstream media have lost credibility like this. It’s all crazy.