Natural language search, and then a masterpiece!

I like natural language searches.  I know some people disparage them.  But my thinking is: Why not?  Why not try it and see what the result is?

So from time to time I just type in a natural language search in my favorite search engine, and see what the results are.

This time I had been watching a short amount of Star Wars prequels before I just got sick of how preposterous so much of it is.  So much of it is so fake, so bad that it sickens me.  I mean, here they are expending vast amounts of resources to create fiction, and they blatantly disregard the most basic physical facts.

So I was curious and did a search for most realistic sci fi space battle movie.  The #1 result was this really great article at Geek Answers: What would a real space battle be like?

Part of the article states:

The question of maneuverability is probably the easiest to come to terms with. There is no air in space, so the graceful swooping from most sci-fi universes isn’t happening. A ship will keep coasting along any given vector until it changes it with the expenditure of energy. Battlestar Galactica (2003 version) and a few others have gotten this part right.

So, alas, I went and searched for it and found it online: Battlestar Galactica 2003 miniseries which is described as:

This is the 2003 miniseries which preceded the four season show which was a remake (and improvement) of the original series from 1978-79.

I just watched the first episode and it was so excellent that I had tears in my eyes at certain points. This drama is a true masterpiece. It reminds me of Shakespeare in some ways. There is truly a classical element to it. Battlestar Galactica has completely restored my faith in American drama! It has what others seem to completely lack: Soul.

People in this current time may be turned off by a drama that seems so militaristic. But that’s not how I see it. I think of human history, and how humans have long struggled against sometimes great odds to survive. Maybe it’s easy now, but our ancestors faced many trials. We have inherited that legacy from our ancestors. There will always be a part of existence that is a strugge, whether personal or collective. How each person and each group responds to great challenges determines their character, their greatness.

I really think Battlestar Galactica has done an amazing of showing how humans, when faced with great challenges, become great. And yes, from a sci-fi perspective it is just light-years beyond Star Wars and other things. I hate to say it, but in comparison Star Wars is like a joke.

I’m surprised I never saw it before, but I’m really glad I found it.

By the way, if you watch it and are curious what a gimble is: here.

It’s kind of sad to me that anyone would consider creating a museum for the disaster that Star Wars is. It really shows how fucked up society is, how bankrupt it is. It also shows how corrupt politicians are who played to get the museum housed in their cities – fuck science, fuck real cultivation, the advancement of knowledge. There are ten thousand better things that resources could be spent on. But yeah, build this stupid museum on precious land to get tourist $$.