The first day in office

On his first day in office President Trump should declare a national state of emergency and impose martial law. He should then take steps to immediately restore United States sovereignty in all territories, states, municipalities, and jurisdictions. Any public officials responsible for violating the sovereignty of the United States should be apprehended and taken into federal custody.

Mainstream media outlets, being the clear threat to the nation that they are, must be seized and placed under military control.

President Trump should call up national reserves and there should be initiated a national recruitment drive for all able-bodied men and women willing to serve. To my fellow Americans I say: Please be ready to sign up. This is your chance to save everything you love.

All Presidential orders granting amnesty to illegals should be rescinded and the process of deportation of all 30 million illegals residing in the United States should immediately commence.

Real estate belonging to foreign nationals such as corrupt Chinese officials who invested dirty money should be confiscated.

Do it fast. Get it done. Get it over with.

Looking to the future

Looking to the future, America will probably have to go back into Europe in order to save it. The way things are going, either Russia or America will have to go and I sure as heck would rather it be America.

Prophecy about Donald Trump