Alt-Right Proposition

The Alt-Right movement is progressing along. Here is a summary of the state of things:

1. Anti illegal-immigration. It is perfectly acceptable and healthy to advocate against illegal immigration. To attack anyone on the basis of their position opposing illegal-immigration is outrageous and such people immediately abdicate all credibility. There is an ecological aspect of this also which relates to sustainability and sound policy which should be discussed. A sustainable future is one in which the human population decreases and in which societies reward the most intelligent, not cater to an ever-decreasing lowest-common-denominator.

2. White nationalism. Whites have a right to exist. They have a right to advocate for their continued existence. They have a right to exist and act collectively in their interest. They have a right to advocate for policies and laws which promote their interests. The hypocrisy surrounding the way white nationalism is portrayed in mainstream media and politics is outrageous. The mainstream media and many politicians have abdicated their credibility.

3. White genocide. Intelligent, evolved people who have lower reproduction rates should not be forced into a breeding war with huge swarms of illiterate, low IQ illegal alien third-world invaders. Public resources should be devoted to citizens in economic and other circumstances who find it difficult to have families, not to swarms of illegals and their offspring (who are also illegals and do not deserve any entitlements). White genocide is a fact and it is not acceptable. Policies must be changed to allow whites to continue to exist and to help promote their existence.

4. The absurdity of the “sanctuary” movement, which is a direct challenge to the sovereignty of the United States. Every people deserve their sanctuary. Even white people. To force third world invasion upon their countries is itself the greatest violation of their sanctity and right to sanctuary. Each group already has its own sanctuary: Mexicans have Mexico. That is their sanctuary. If they fail to sustain that sanctuary or turn it into an intolerable place, it is their responsibility. Chinese people have China. People from every country invading the United States already have their countries of origin. If those countries truly are unsuitable for any reason, then the appropriate response is to build sanctuaries for them in regions nearby to their homelands. Forcing “sanctuaries” of third-world invaders upon white and only white populations is a violation of basic human rights.

4. Betrayal. This is a major point and should not be missed. Citizens of countries are being subject to wholesale betrayal as their countries are literally invaded with swarms of third world migrants. Their precious societies, their cultures, and their institutions are being irrevocably damaged and/or destroyed. This may amount to the most comprehensive, extensive betrayal of any group of people in history. It is an arch-crime being perpetrated in what amounts to a conspiracy of globalist oligarchs and their minions.

5. Open discussion about race. While of course many people from different races can and do get along well, there are serious problems which are not being addressed in the mainstream. To even discuss such issues invokes accusations of racism. Racism is a charged word but the discussion about race needs to go beyond the word.

There is a significant amount of information and research related to race. It is a fact that some racial groups are less intelligent and much more prone to crime and violence. Other racial groups which are less prone to crime and violence and in almost every situation freely choose to live separate from more violent and crime-prone ones.

6. America needs to rethink it’s history. Most Americans have been indoctrinated with a view of American history that paints Abraham Lincoln as an unqualified hero but the reality of what occurred during and after the time of the Civil War is far more complex.

Value judgments aside, the result was a serious problem that is plaguing communities across America to this day. It is the story of the past century that American urban centers are subject to high influxes of blacks, the crime levels increase, whites move away, institutions and city centers collapse. No one is discussing this issue, why it’s happening, or what we should do. We are not even allowed to have a conversation, but we need to. Clearly integration has failed. Clearly the African-American and White-American cultures have major points of abrasion which are often highly detrimental to whites. The converse is also true – African Americans if they feel that White-American society is unjust and unfair to them, have a right to form their own society.

With regard to White Americans, they have a right to live, a right to have cities, to have urban centers, and to live among their own people sustainably. They have right to not have their countries be turned into third-world pits due to pathological altruism or the covert interests of a globalist oligarchy. They have a right to their schools, their social and cultural institutions, and to their own standards which others may or may not choose to follow. They have a right to preserve and propagate their society, their culture, and their people.

Any member of a society who does not agree with these principles, who does not accept their society’s right to exist, promote, and propagate itself, is of course free to live in another society of their choosing, but they are not free to destroy their society.

It is now time that these things are recognized and spoken about openly.