LibreOffice will be getting a ribbon UI

I admit that I’m kind of an app slut. I don’t believe in Open Source purity when it comes to applications. Operating system: Absolutely. A major app like a web browser: Definitely. But then there are a lot of other apps for things and I’m happy to use the best tool available.

That said, I’m happy to run things under Wine, which I must say has made my transition to being a full-time Linux user that much easier. The apps I now use under Wine are: Adobe Acrobat, Notepad++, Amazon Kindle for PC, and MediaMonkey. I also have Photoshop installed and use it although there are some issues with it.

One thing I don’t run under Wine is MS Office 2013 although I would if I could. Crossover Office just released the newest version of their Wine-based tool that allows you to run and easily install many apps on both Linux and Mac OSX and that version does now support MS Office 2013, so I also expect it to start working on regular Wine soon.

LibreOffice is the leading Open Source office suite and I do use it quite a lot. However the interface has not been my favorite and has left me longing for Word 2013. But now there is news that the upcoming version 5.3 release of LibreOffice will support a ribbon! Good news!

This is a great time to switch to Linux. Now more than ever it should be overwhelmingly clear why it’s important that your operating system be under your control and be based on Open Source software, not under the control of any company.

Run on it what you will. I really like the idea of running things in their separate containers – then I don’t have to worry about security issues nearly as much. There’s no substitute for the freedom and security gained by using a free, Open Source operating system. It’s crucially important.

Check out KDE Neon user edition or Linux Mint Cinnamon “Serena” release. Get used to a totally different way of existing and comporting with both personal and collective information logos.

If you need help, get an IRC client and check out some of the channels on the Freenode network such as #linuxmint, #kubuntu, #ubuntu, and others. Community is what makes free Open Source software great.