Am pretty much settled on the future plan

I understand the future plan now. I understand the future, if it is going to happen, what the future needs to be and how it can happen. (I’m thinking about technology and the ultimate goal of the global information logos and how it unfolds.)

But I don’t know if there is any will to create it. I also don’t really feel like trying to convince people although I will describe it in later posts.

One reason I don’t want to is because all the components already exist. I’m not doing anything new, it’s just that there might not be enough will or vision to see it.

It’s kind of the same way with diet. I don’t really try to change anyone’s diet because I accept that they eat what they want and will probably continue to, even if it’s not the healthiest and there is knowledge about better things.

But I will write about it. The core of it is that it needs to be ensured for the future that the building blocks are available to everyone. Once those building blocks are assured then all sorts of things can be constructed with them. But those blocks *need* to be in place and I can almost guarantee there will be attempts to deprive them. In fact there already are. I have no doubt that this has been identified already and to some extent targeted. In the future such targeting will only increase.

Yes what I’m describing is war and that’s why I’m just not interested at this point.

The most basic building block is: Bandwidth. Unrestricted, free bandwidth to use as you want, free from interference or infiltration of any kind.

What the future means – a few of the things would be: No more Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. All will be replaced with purely open alternatives that everyone runs on their own and shared bandwidth.

They will try to deprive bandwidth. Guaranteed.