They Have to Go

They have to go. All. Birth hotel/DACA kids, grandkids, everyone. Out.

There’s a great sanctuary for Mexicans where they don’t have to ever worry about being deported: It’s called Mexico.

There’s a great sanctuary for Chinese, a huge place all their own: It’s called China.

I’m completely in favor of giving assistance to help them travel to these sanctuaries.

Every government and public institution which spends a penny of taxpayer money or enacts policies to “protect” foreign invaders on American soil is committing treason and worse.

This is gearing up to be a potentially heavy conflict between renegade states and the United States federal government. It may be a great opportunity to deploy the National Guard and remove public officials who are openly committing treason and restore law and order to our country.

FYI this is how China treats American residents:

It’s sickening that the oligarchy is more than happy to sell out the American people to China.