Donald Trump just said something really important

I just read a great comment by Donald Trump about companies which take jobs out of America to the effect that there are 50 states in America and surely your company can find a suitable place somewhere in our country for its business.

This is an extremely important statement. As an IT worker living in an area that has been massively flooded with both illegals and H1B workers, nothing could be more clear than the fact that many if not most American IT companies have completely betrayed the people of America.

Rather than be involved with – participants in – a project to find and to create suitable places to do business, they have taken the sleazebag route. They have backstabbed and betrayed Americans to an extreme degree.

In a metropolitan area that is suffering under the accumulated disastrous policies of libtarded politicians, where probably 40% of the population is illegal, where housing prices are preposterously unaffordable – off the scale extreme – these sick companies haven’t responded by taking the high road – to lobby for and help fix the issues – to relocate their companies if necessary – instead they have taken the low road – bring in more H1B workers.

Where higher education is lacking across the country, what steps have they taken to try to perhaps create new tech hubs in different parts of the country?

In America its companies seem to have no allegiance whatsoever to the American people – to the children of those who literally built our country and made it great. If you go to the midwest – what is derisively called the “rust belt” or “flyover country” which are very sick terms – you will see the people of America who have been so betrayed and fucked over for decades.

Thank God that Donald Trump is making a stand and standing up to the oligarchy.

I truly hope Donald Trump also understands the extent to which the people of America get routinely fucked over by companies like banks, telecoms, Internet providers, and healthcare companies and work to make sure there are strong consumer protections.