Online course facilitators

Am just thinking about this idea – there are multiple barriers for universities and for professors to making courses available online.

Universities that do provide online sections of courses set up and maintain an online education framework such as Moodle but many professors still have a hard time being able to online-ify their courses.

Wondering about what it would take to get things to the next level, in terms of better framework software and facilitation of professors and entire departments to be able to set up quality online courses.

Perhaps there can be online course facilitators who work closely with professors and take much of the burden of online-ifying courses off of them so that they can concentrate on the material, grading, etc.

Online course facilitators could be responsible not just for online-ifying courses, but auditing, maintaining, and improving online courses. It seems like a new area of prime importance for ensuring the availability and high quality of online courses.

Am also thinking of this specifically with regard to music courses. There may be music professors with very good curricula that is based on physical lecture notes and materials. Perhaps there could be online facilitators who can assist professors in digitizing the content and setting up and organizing online lectures.