Imagine being that excited to see a living deity

Think of how exciting it is to see the eclipse. It is exciting. To any human it is naturally exciting. It’s ok to be excited about it.

Before the event there is discussion about it. People travel to far away places. People get special viewing devices. News reports talk about it. NASA has a whole thing dedicated to it.

Now imagine that same level of excitement, only higher, to experience the presence of a living deity.

What is that? Do you understand what that means? Do you know what I’m saying?

Sadly, I know it may be possible you don’t. You may never have found a way in your life, never have had an opportunity to grasp what this means – what it means to experience the presence of a living deity.

Or maybe you have. If you have, that is great for you. For people who are open to it, it is a great thing to be tuned into amazing levels of divine energy around them.

A deity is a great fountain of love, emanating intense healing energy that goes off the scale of what we normally perceive. It takes a certain kind of preparation in one’s heart to be able to experience the presence of a living deity. If you do experience it, you will never forget it. That one moment will change your life forever.

Maybe it has happened and you were aware of it. Then you have been greatly blessed. Maybe it happened and you were not fully aware of it. You are still learning to recognize it, to see. And maybe it hasn’t happened yet but will one day in your future. You can prepare now for such blessing by creating a place in your heart.

So while you may or may not have seen the eclipse earlier today, I hope you will not forget that there’s something even more great than that and that you will set yourself on a path to experiencing it.