Post election prayer

For many days now as I’ve said the rosary I’ve been thinking about the fact that one side would lose the election. I put myself in the place of others and wanted to feel what they would feel. I prayed every day about this because I know its not a pleasant nor easy thing to feel. I also prayed a lot that there will be healing.

Its impossible to write something to address “Hillary supporters” because each person is unique and has their own vision, dreams, and hopes. I cannot put people in a blanket category. I pray for each person that they will find strength and guidance through their disappointment, and will hopefully find inspiration and guidance in prayer as I have tried to do.

I want to say that I really cherish everyone. We all make the world magical together. Sometimes we’re on the same side together. Sometimes we’re antagonistic. But the forces between us are what keeps the world turning and no matter what I’m grateful that it keeps turning. Isn’t there some saying about the next best thing to a best friend is to have a good enemy?

One other thing I’ve been thinking about these past few days are all the other precious beings of this Earth that have been left out, that are not part of “the election”. They do not read or write, nor speak language. They do not have laptop computers nor mobile phones yet they are just as much a part of this world as we are. They are just as present in reality as everything and everyone else around us, and right now they are going through a lot of suffering because of humans.

Yesterday evening I went out very late for a breath of fresh air and saw a raccoon. Such a dignified, amazing creature. I’ve been thinking about how frequently humans inflict unimaginable suffering upon other beings either out fo ignorance or out of cruelty. While humans bar nothing to take resources from Earth and demand and impose upon their environments in order to satisfy their every whim, to what extent do they even think about other beings?

They build fences, barriers, freeways, etc. and do not think about the other creatures that live in these areas and how they are affected. Sometimes even slight changes in how human habitations or thoroughfares are built could alleviate massive suffering for other beings, yet humans typically neglect such things which is very heartbreaking.

Not long ago I heard a very wise woman speaking who said basically that it is the one above who is the ultimate provider or depriver of fortune among humans. We may think we are in control, but if the one above wants things to change, they will change. This wisdom has seemed so relevant to me during this election time.

I hope that we will all remember to be concerned with being human and loving each other and this world that we walk through for a time.