I had a great day today. My car battery died.

Why was it great? It was great because even though my battery died, I gained from the experience. If first thank AAA for their roadside assistance. This is the second time that I had to rely on them to start a car and their service is fast and their guys are always friendly and helpful. Its a major relief to know that if my vehicle ever fails to start that I can call them.

The guy came out and could have replaced the battery but because I am frugal I wanted to see if the battery could hold a charge first so, after he left, I got on the highway and drove for about 20 minutes. I went to a parts store and had the battery tested and it turned out that it was not holding charge properly.

So I then opted to get a new one. The guy at the auto parts store was extremely friendly and helpful. He gave me tips on how to properly install the new battery including how to grease the terminals and not to tighten the retaining bar too much lest it damage the battery housing.

He lent me a socket wrench and another special ratcheting wrench designed for battery terminals. I got oil for the engine since I need to take it to the shop and have it changed soon. They had a special discount on an oil filter with the purchase of the oil so that was a plus. So my second thanks goes to the helpful guys at the AutoZone store.

It was a good experience today because I learned about car batteries and how to replace them, and because I’m so grateful there are a lot of amazing, helpful people in the world.

I also offer deep thanks to Hephaestus who is the god of fire and technology for his guidance and protection.