Fecesville spreads – prima fecie


This map is real. It shows the increasing amount of reports of feces to city government throughout the city.

This should not be happening. I do not accept that the answer is blowing in the wind. I do not accept that society hasn’t found a solution for this.

There is real knowledge about how to be healthy for an individual, for a family, for a community, and for a society. I’m not talking about mumbo jumbo stuff, but reality. There are real, actual things that can be done to improve things. There are ways and paths to making things better.

This map speaks more than anything. It says that things are still not going in the right direction – not after all that has been said and done.

One thing I will just say: Being lenient or tolerant is not compassion. Its delusion. I think many people understand this, but it seems to not be translating into policy.

Drugs are bad. Theft is bad. Living in squalid conditions is bad. Being exposed to physiological, psychological, and environmental stresses is bad.

Being too firm is better than being too lenient. I’m not advocating for being too firm, but that is a better stance in the long run.