I see America turning into two places. There are only going to be two types of places in America: AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille. You live there if you’re not entitled. When you live there you are exposed to abrasion and abuse. You’re surrounded by dumbfucks. Its very difficult to get yourself out of AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille because you are constantly being subject to abuse, attack, physiologic assault, etc. It is not a place where the cultivation of the mind and spirit are prioritized.

The other place is PrivilegedEnclave. PrivilegedEnclave is where the entitleds live. They are pretty much set from the time of the cradle to the grave. The kids will never have to worry about how to finance their education. They will get an education and be given a position in society. Regardless of their actual aptitude or talent. Obviously obedience is the more important factor.

In PrivilegedEnclave you can walk along a street, read a book in your home, do all sorts of things without being subject to abuse, attack, physiologic assault, etc. Unlike AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille.

If you call the police in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille you are immediately a suspect. You are a troublemaker for not just getting along and not making waves. There really isn’t much rule of law in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and you’re on your own. If your car is broken into or stolen, if you are abused or victimized, for the most part you’re on your own and there will be no help. But if you lift a finger to defend yourself you become a criminal. You are expected to be a helpless victim in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and just shut the fuck up.

If you live in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille and watch the news or read any publications you’ll immediately notice how everything is created and written by people in PrivilegedEnclave, and that their demeanor towards those in AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille is smarmy, arrogant, and disdainful. The smug members of PrivilegedEnclave have disdain for any members of AbrasiveAggroDumbfuckVille who do not admire their great wisdom and virtue.