Asians who get nose jobs to look more European

I watch a lot of Japanese dramas which I usually like. Sometimes I see the actors and actresses and wonder about their appearances. I’m not sure, but sometimes I wonder if a lot of the actors and actresses have nose jobs. I notice that their noses somehow look odd. Its like the nose doesn’t fit with the face.

Asian people have different shaped noses, but also the entire shape of their head is different. If you change the nose it can actually look kind of strange because a narrow, pointy, European-like nose does not fit their face.

In general, one notices that many of the leading roles in dramas are filled by actors and actresses with certain looks which tend to be more European-looking, whereas in minor roles they tend to look more “ethnic”. I’m really concerned about this.

I would hope that no one would change their nose to look more European. Every nationality is different and looks right the way it is. Also, I’m very concerned that if people do this it sets a really bad precedent and then more actors and actresses feel pressure to do the same thing. Hopefully the production companies will discourage it by not hiring people who have plastic surgery.