Why I’m voting for Donald Trump on November 8th

Donald Trump – despite the constant attacks, lies, and slander against him – will unquestionably be the best candidate for women.

I am voting for Donald Trump because I have seen the appalling mess left behind by the lying, hypocritical, “liberal” and “progressive” Democrats who have turned our country into a free-for-all for criminals, misogynists, illegals, drug dealers, and all sorts of scum.

Our cities have become disgusting, abusive, unsafe places where women cannot safely comport themselves without being harassed, abused, or subject to violence.

It is the logical result of the years and years of “liberal” and “progressive” Democrats’ policies which have allowed a huge influx of illegal immigration, have resulted in an utterly shocking and abhorrent lack of lawlessness across America – particularly in its big cities – even while the privileged entitled elites claim exemptions from the rule of law and special privileges for themselves.

The Democrats are giving us a third-world wasteland America that is not a safe, decent, and wholesome place for a woman to live. Hillary Clinton’s loyalties are to the rich – be they from backwards, undemocratic countries which persecute women and minorities or anywhere else.

The bottom line is that, beyond her smooth-talking BS she will allow the collapse of the United States into a third-world country to continue while rich bankers and elites continue to cash in at the expense of the people of not just the United States but of the entire world.

Also, Hillary Clinton represents a betrayal of the hard-working people whose blood, sweat, and tears created and built America into a great country. She will betray Americans like no other. She represents one of the greatest threats that has ever faced the United States of America and a true destruction of democracy and democratic principles.

The fact that Hillary Clinton was shoed-in by the establishment – by the oligarchy – as the Democratic nominee for president was a slap in the face to democracy and to all Americans. It’s time to respond to that slap on November 8th with a definitive answer that America won’t tolerate its government being hijacked by an oligarchy bent on serving itself while America descends into a third-world pit.

By serving the interests of the people of the United States Donald Trump will help to make the world a better, stronger place. There is no question who to choose on November 8th. The choice is as clear as day.

Please vote on November 8th for Donald Trump!