Essential workhorse USB flash drive

USB flash drives are so essential and ubiquitous. One thing I love is that they have almost completely replaced optical media as installation media. That means that most Linux distros and other apps can now be installed via USB flash drive. They are easier to store and because they are flash devices the installation process is usually vastly faster than with optical media.

For this reason as well as others its good to have some workhorse USB flash drives in your arsenal of stuff. My current favorite workhorse USB flash drive is the Kingtson DataTraveler 4G 8GB.

Kingston DataTraveler 8GB

These are not the only drives I have. I do have some high-capacity ones that I use for backup and storing multimedia files. But I like these 8GB ones because they are large enough to hold DVD-size installation images with room to spare but not too large that I would be wasting space. They are perfect for installation media, live Linux distros, or anything else.

While this particular model is not the smallest form-factor drive available, that’s exactly why I like it: They are easy to handle, can be easily labeled, and they are less easy to misplace.

I highly recommend having a few of these drives on hand. You can stick some in your glove compartment, backpack, purse, office desk, anywhere. They are always useful to have.