I know everyone’s probably sick of the election and wishes it was over…

…but I want to say that I am disgusted with myself for ever having supported Bernie Sanders.

People. Open your eyes. Look sharply at what is happening right now!

Things are being revealed. Things are becoming clear.

Remember everything you see happening right now.

Don’t forget anything you witness happening – the widespread lies, deceptions, insanity.

Look at the machinations of a powerful oligarchy in action! See how it controls your country. See how it has created the ultimate false reality of deception around you.

This is why we have so much conflict and bloodshed in the world.

These fuckers have been doing this shit for way too long. They claim to be promoters of freedom around the world at the same time they massively fuckover the peoples of the world.

I don’t care what people say about Donald Trump. I know he is fundamentally an honest person. I know he would never pull shit like the Clintons have.

What the Clintons – and the oligarchy they are a part of – do is not what America stands for as a country. It is not what we ever believe is the right way for responsible elected leaders to conduct themselves. Using power and status to cash in and cut deals is the opposite of the kind of integrity that everyone in the world should not only expect, they should demand from their leaders.

The Clintons – along with a lot of other people – should be in jail.