Shock at the realization of how extensive the lie is

You have been methodically lied to in a way that you almost certainly cannot completely comprehend. An entire wall of fake reality has been built around you and, while you are no doubt aware of parts of it, you are not aware of how comprehensive, how vast, and how very intentional it is.

The wall of fake reality that surrounds you and your brothers and sisters is worth trillions of dollars and an enormous amount of resources are invested in building and maintaining it.

Its time to start waking up to the illusion that surrounds you, the illusion about the kind of world you live in, the illusion about what your society is, what your country is, and what your government is.

Its all lies.

And its all about geopolitical control of resources and mass enslavement of populations for the sake of labor to fuel “the economy”, to enrich the oligarchy.

I do not blame anyone or fault anyone for having been sucked into the lie. After all, it was methodically designed to suck us all in.

But I deeply hope that my fellow brothers and sisters of this world will now awaken and shake off this disease which is destroying our cultures, our societies, our countries, our ecosystems, and our entire planet.