TV and everything associated with it is disgusting

Television and everything associated with it is disgusting. In a hotel room where there’s a tv present. A tv is normally never present in my surroundings so its a rare occasion. Thankfully.

I have no compulsion to turn it on. But today I turned it on for about 5 seconds. It was a PBS channel. And even that was disgusting. TV is disgusting. The vibe it gives off, no matter what channel, is disgusting. The energy state of it and the way it disturbs people’s states of mind is disgusting. People, when they watch tv, when they are exposed to it in any way, become disgusting. They become sick. More sick than is easily comprehended with the human mind. The damage extends into subtle states of consciousness.

And, more than that, the collective effect of TV on society is terrible. TV is a disease. It is a severe disease.

There needs to be some way to get away from TV. I don’t mean just in one’s personal space of not having one, which is obvious. I mean really getting away. Without doing something like joining a monastery. Some way to live in a society where there is no TV. No people watching TV. None of the shit. There has to be a way. There needs to be a way.