Globalization has destroyed the world

Watching this excellent Silk Road II episode called The King’s Road which covers the same areas of northern Pakistan that have been methodically bombed by US drones and are now the site of unending tragedy and violence.

It starts at the Khyber pass, a place where there have been many drone strikes and deaths. It covers the Pashtun tribes and even sits in on a jurga which is a community-based tribal court that decides legal matters. There’s an excellent documentary on YouTube about a jurga that was “mistakenly” bombed by drones, about which the US military later lied methodically.

All of this alone is more than justification for the actions of Chelsea Manning to have released the “secret” military videos showing atrocities and war crimes committed by US armed forces, and documents showing they engaged in deliberate deception about what was occurring.

And yes, I believe in supporting your country, but if writing the truth as I am here is going to put me on some government shit-list for speaking the truth, then put me on the shit-list. At least I’m standing up for the victims of heinous crimes and atrocities.

What you see from this video is honest, simple people living their lives like all other human beings in the world, in their own region, with their own systems of stability.

All globalization has done is fuck up the world. Whether it be the invasions and attacks for geopolitical control of resources and raw materials, or the huge mass migrations which are destroying cultures, the destruction of the great middle class of western societies, or the descent of democracies into oligarchies, globalization is a huge catastrophe.

It is for the benefit not just of all the people of the world, but all creatures of Planet Earth to put a stop to globalization.

Especially see 37’50” in the video