How unimaginably extensive the collapse is

I have been thinking today about what I’ve seen over the past 25 years. I have seen something major destroyed.

25 years ago things were not perfect, but there was still the possibility of a dream. That dream, on occasion, still existed and was able to be experienced. At different moments it was still here, still part of this world.

That dream has been destroyed. Our city has been taken from us. We have been lied to. We have been sold out. Betrayed. Gravely betrayed.

There was something beautiful about that dream. There was a beautiful, noble vision. Our city still belonged to us, its builders, even though it was starting to slip away.

And now away it has slipped. So far, beyond the point of return. That’s why I deliberately, yet very sadly use the word destruction.

We have had our city, our precious place, the place of our dreams, destroyed, taken from us. By greedy, disgusting, lying people. It has reached a point today that is so bad, so appalling, that its unbelievable. The extent to which the world is collapsing and its people have been betrayed is shocking and astounding.

Despite the unimaginably vast exploitation of resources like never before in human history, the world is getting worse. We are worse off, not better.

The huge invasion of swarms of illegals started sometime between now and 25 years ago. A decade ago it was already very noticeable. Now it is just shocking and beyond the level of outrage. Politicians don’t even care about trying to conceal the abject betrayal of the citizens of their own countries. What is occurring in the centers of culture around the world is outrageous. London. New York. Berlin. Paris. Stockholm. Brussels. San Francisco.

This is the destruction of civilization, being perpetrated by a global oligarchy which controls the reins of power, and controls Big Media around the globe. It is armed with vast resources to further its agenda by every means possible, overt and covert.

Our planet is facing unprecedented cultural and ecological catastrophe. Their interlinking is not coincidental. Its time to wake up and take a stand.