Hilary Clinton’s email

Hilary Clinton deliberately did not use the Department of State email system because she wanted to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests of her communications as Secretary of State. She wanted to arrange bribes for the Clinton Foundation – such as the $100+ million bribe she received for arranging the sale of mining rights to 20% of the uranium ore supply in the United States to Russia.

Then she methodically, repeatedly lied to Congress, to investigators, and to the American public for over a year.

Bill Clinton – do you think Bill Clinton every knew the Attorney General of the United States – Loretta Lynch – beyond the level perhaps of mere acquaintance? Hell fucking no. And so in Phoenix, Arizona he had is private flight delayed over 30 minutes so that he could conduct a secret meeting with Loretta Lynch – to discuss “pleasantries” as Hilary Clinton called it – for over 30 minutes – while sitting under FBI guard on the tarmac at the airport, where the FBI specifically ordered people to not take pictures?

Yeah. Fucking right.

Then – a day later – it is announced that the FBI will not be pressing charges against Hilary Clinton for her severe misdeeds, her deliberate lying and misrepresentations to the American public and to investigators. And Hilary Clinton is flying onboard Air Force One with President Obama who is campaigning for her.

Totally fucking outrageous.

But that’s not all. Add, on top of that, extensive – I mean extremely massive – maneuvering by mainstream media to bury this scandal.

America, your country is run by a mafia.