Prophecy about Donald Trump

You know what’s interesting? In this video notice spread out along the table the tubs of a product. If you look carefully you will see that the labels read Red Supremefood and Green Supremefood.

What’s notable about this is that my stomach was not feeling good again today. My appetite was low. I went the entire day with eating only some fruit but had no appetite for anything else. I also had food poisoning about a week ago and perhaps my system is still a bit sensitive from that.

I was feeling really, really drained much of the day. I knew that my body probably needed nourishment, but I didn’t know what to give it. Nothing appealed to me.

Then something came to me, sort of like a flash. I remembered that I had these packets of superfood powder mix that I got at the health food store a while back. They have been sitting in my kitchen for a while and even though I had gotten them I never used them. Until earlier. I was so overjoyed when I remembered them!

I had two packets: Green Superfood and Raw Reserve, made by a company named Amazing Grass. First I had the packet of Green Superfood and, feeling so good after drinking it, I immediately used the second packet of Raw Reserve. Both of them I mixed with some organic unsweetened soymilk and some Mango Cogo juice.

I was so uplifted by this I even told myself that I have to go get some more as soon as possible because its a lifesaver.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

The two miracle packets that really saved me when I was feeling de-energized.

Then, just a short while ago, I came across the above video on YouTube and was curious about the tubs of product on the tables which turned out to be Red and Green Supremefood.

What Donald Trump is doing is revolutionary. I believe that there is a reason why everything has happened the way it did. I believe that Donald Trump was given so much wealth so that, one day, his heart would be so deeply moved out of concern and deep love for his country – our country – that he would make the sacrifice to run for President to fix our country and make it great again during a time when our democracy was so broken that it would not otherwise be possible for someone not beholden to the oligarchy to do so.

trump_oath 2

I recommend watching the 6/15/2016 campaign rally in Atlanta. This is about saving America and I believe it may also have a major impact on the world. America needs a strong, honest, clear-spoken leader, not another weasel who is a shill for the oligarchy.

Above: The Dwight Eisenhower speech to our troops on D-Day which is mentioned in the prophecy.