To the Native People of the United Kingdom and Europe

Exit the EU and kick out the Muslims and other invaders. All of them. They have their country. You need yours. Save your home.

After watching the above and similar videos of horrific scenes across Europe, I will say this. Read this carefully: Europe needs a strong dictator. Europe’s democracy is hopelessly fucked.

The invaders should be leaving Europe on a one-way trip back to their countries in a boxcar with a pot to piss in. Europe has two problems: The invaders and the politicians who betrayed the people of Europe in an act that has no parallel in history.

Angela Merkel’s and the rest of her administration’s dead bodies should be hanging from ropes in downtown Berlin as the Muslims are being rounded onto boxcars and kicked the fuck out.

And for the ones who think they have a right to invade into Europe, they need bullets sprayed at them.

Enough of the shit!

Enough of the shit!

brexit breaking point