Maybe China is Right

Maybe China is right. Western democracies have a severe problem. After a period of prosperity and wealth of resources on a scale that would be unimaginable to ancient peoples, Western societies are not only not that much the better, they are markedly worse, near the verge of collapse, plagued with severe problems.

The value system which has been sort of the goal of Western peoples up to the present may be good for some things, but the befuddled attempt to use that system as a principle to govern society has failed miserably. The values of equality, inclusion, etc. are good for certain small matters. For example they may be good values to have for workers at a health care clinic. But to make decisions which affect society at large based on those types of feelings and values is disastrous.

And, as I mentioned in my election follow-up post, that type of thinking actually is a kind of violence. Out of delusional thinking people wanting to feel good and benefit one target group will happily sacrifice another group. If these people were asked straight up whether they ever think it would be acceptable to sacrifice the lives of some people for the sake of some other ideal, to benefit another group of people, they most certainly would profess to find such an idea repulsive. And of course there’s nothing democratic, fair, or transparent about the way the target and victim groups are chosen. They are chosen because it is part of the delusion – it is accepted by them that that’s just the way it is.

Their belief system has blinded them to the fact that they are in effect no different than, and in fact in many ways worse than, the system they think they want to change.

I say worse than because they are not even conscious of the hypocrisy, of the extent of their delusion. They go on believing that what they are doing is good and moral, even when it results in suffering, because they are so caught up in their self-righteousness. They are so used to being on the side of the oppressed that they are blind to ideas of fairness. That type of blindness is worse than someone who knowingly makes a choice which might involve the harm to others for the sake of some goal.

And I have to say there’s one thing that is absolutely appalling that is going around in the media. After Hilary Clinton won the democratic nomination, there has been a flurry of articles and comments to the effect that this is a great milestone for women. Those people making those claims are so reprehensible that I will not even address them. I will only say that for the hundreds of thousands of women in the middle east who have been slaughtered and maimed as a result of the actions of Hilary Clinton and the oligarchy which she is bought by, it most certainly is not an advance.

I was reading about the now famous “Document No. 9” and thinking about its contents. I was initially perplexed about why constitutional democracy, universal values of human rights, and civil society are considered among the “7 dangerous western values” but now I am beginning to think I understand.

While these are good concepts to have in one’s personal life – they make for a magnanimity of character that is the hallmark of many great people – when it comes to national politics they only create chaos. More often than not they end up being leveraged for the attainment of ends which are quite the opposite.