I didn’t realize this

A few more notes actually, I’ve forgotten I wrote some more stuff about this Christmas tree thing because I think its significant: The Christmas tree with a red line through it and the caption “tradition is for history”. I think its a perfect demonstration of the delusion of the leftist idealogue. What its saying is that we can live without organic link to our past, to our people, and we can live entirely in the moment. We have no group identity, or culture, and we are all free-floating individuals in the supermarket of life.

And in this sense the feminist progressivist idealogue is actually in agreement with the globalist, the neocon, because they believe in this supermarket of life in which there is no history, there is no identity.

But this is delusion. This idea that we can live like that. And its worth going into this because this is something that has clearly grown up parallel with and intertwined with feminism, this hatred of white identity – because we know should we never attack brown or black traditions. Again, its all about attacking white men. And its delusion.

But it underscores what feminism is about and has always been about: This attack on white men, rooted through their traditions, their education systems, their cultures, their societies, political environments, and their laws.

And now finallly with Cologne feminism is attacking white men through their women, indirectly, using the pawns of Muslims.

Watching more videos by Millennial Woes. I didn’t realize all this stuff with feminism was going on. When he starts talking about some comments or something written by a feminist I think its just some random comment online, but then it turns out these are people with graduate-level degrees which just makes me wonder what the hell is going on. But its not a surprise.

Its sad that academic institutions give money to this kind of destruction and delusion. As a transsexual it also saddens me that some feminists are open bigots.

In another of Millennial Woes videos he explains how “leftists” are rule-oriented and “rightists” are principle-oriented. Leftists are the ones who become the worst totalitarians. They are the ones who create nightmare societies where everyone is supposed to think and act in accordance with “the rules”.

I will never forget the way the “gay” community lambasted the CEO of the Mozilla Foundation – the organization responsible for the creation of powerful Open Source tools like the Firefox web browser – because someone dug into his past and discovered that 8 years ago he had made a small political donation to a group which was pushing against the legalization of gay marriage.

Because we as a society in our laws have said that we value freedom, and one of those aspects of freedom is the freedom to speak freely and to believe what you want – but when it comes to the ultra-liberal gay community that freedom doesn’t mean shit. It turns out that the people who are brainwashed into think that they are somehow at the most progressive edge of pushing for the advancement of human freedoms are in fact the worst offenders of it, the worst stiflers of it, the greatest persecutors.

And that’s only one small example. As a transsexual I constantly witness bigotry and hypocrisy from leftists and its funny because I always find that I am most respected among populations in areas which are considered conservative.

One thing about being who I am – when I am subject to abuse or violation, all the rhetoric and BS doesn’t really matter. When you experience derision, abuse, or violation first-hand on a consistent basis, it does not become some academic consideration. It is reality. And its pretty sickening to watch as people debate what to them are intellectual or social matters while I myself and mostly concerned with – not being fucked with, with simply being able to conduct my business in life like any other human being without – being fucked with, which unfortunately is the norm in places where liberalism, feminism, gay rights, etc. thrive.

It sickens me that anyone would attack me for this, attack me not for beliefs but because of the experiences I as a human being have. Its like they go so far in their treachery that ultimately they attack you for existing. Because I exist I already incur blame from them and that is enough reason, enough justification for them to spew their shit at me.

I also think they despise me because I’m supposed to think like them, but I don’t.

I bet it would be an interesting discussion if Millennial Woes were to have a discussion group with someone like me. He is a brilliant genius with intense insight and I’m glad that he is out there.

And I want to say one more thing about this, about the way I am guilty merely for existing. It is in a way a basic denial of freedom, because my existence isn’t simply allowed to be. To them, my existence is an act. By existing I am guilty of committing an act which then justifies derision and abuse.

Its shocking how much shit people are fed nowadays. I had no idea that this cancer called feminism had become so institutionalized and sick.

I live in an area that is considered one of the meccas of feminism, the gay movement, and multiculturalism and it is basically in a state of meltdown. It is a collapse different than that of Sweden where there are lawless zones. But in a way all those crimes probably occur here only in different ways. The manifestations are different but many of the dynamics are the same.

One thing that sickens me is to see the breakdown of the basic idea that we as a society agree to exist by rules which we all respect in common. It is now the job of liberals to be methodical rule-benders and rule-breakers. Rules – our laws, the principles by which we agree to organize – exist for them to break at will when it benefits one agenda or another of theirs. They are not upholding the foundation of society but demolishing it. Their campaigns for “justicie” or whatever you call it are their justification to smash to pieces the rules and laws that we as society agree to follow.