Ecotopia got invaded

I was just reading this Wikipedia page about the book The Nine Nations of North America. It describes the different regions and one of them is called Ecotopia:

Ecotopia — the Pacific Northwest coast west of the Cascade Range and the Coast Mountains, as well as several Alaskan Pacific Coast Ranges, stretching from Alaska down through coastal British Columbia, Washington state, Oregon, and into California just north of Santa Barbara. Capital: San Francisco.

Then there is another region called, ominously, Mexamerica:

Mexamerica — the southern and Central Valley portions of California as well as southern Arizona, the portion of Texas bordering on the Rio Grande, most of New Mexico, northern Mexico, and the Baja California Peninsula. Capital: Los Angeles.

Ecotopia and Mexamerica are about as opposite as its possible to get. One culture venerates macho dumbfucks who want to drive around in oversized pickups with holes drilled in the mufflers, while the other is about having a light footprint and living consciously.

One culture has perverted lowlifes who stalk, sexually harass, and rape women. The other is about evolving to levels of self-actualization where there is respect for the sanctity of all living things.

These cultures do not mix well. An ecologically-conscious person who is riding a bicycle along a street does not like getting blasted out by the outrageously loud noise of some macho dumbfuck in a pickup with holes drilled in the muffler.

People hanging out together at a nude beach on a sunny day do not like to have a group of disgusting perverts in the distance constantly ogling them as they booze it up.

There is even the issue of the drugs that the Mexamericans bring in such as meth, cocaine, and crack, vs. the more holistic drugs like LSD and psilocybins that are part of Ecotopia. And while one group may appreciate its ganja, the other is busy ecologically raping public forest lands to set up military-style guerilla growing operations and spewing toxic chemicals into streams.

At least the southern part of Ecotopia has since been severely invaded and taken over by Meximerica and by an entirely other thing: Asia. Its really sad to see it lost, and people should stand up against the oligarchy’s complete betrayal of Ecotopia.

Presently there is only one candidate running for President of the United States who is advocating policies which would protect Ecotopia against the oligarchy’s betrayal: Donald Trump.

Many people, including myself, are reluctant to support a Republican, but the betrayal by the Democrat party has been so severe. We do not know what Mr. Trump’s stand would be for key environmental issues – such as support for organic agriculture, labelling of GMO’s, and limits on fracking and shale oil mining. His policies could be horrendous. Or not. As far as I know no one has really asked him about these issues and he has not spoken about them at length as he has other issues.

On one hand he could allow things to continue more-or-less as the status quo. Whether that would be acceptable or not I don’t know. But it is also possible that he could enact policies which were much worse. Or he might even enact policies which were better. Perhaps he would recognize that the campaign to trample on organics is part of the oligarchy’s plan and put a stop to it.

Unfortunately we are in a terrible position. America is really being methodically ripped apart by the oligarchy and its heartbreaking to watch. I am still going to support Donald Trump because the swarms of illegal immigrants invading America is absolutely outrageous and he is at least standing up against the oligarchy.

There are so many illegals in America that students – myself included – cannot enroll in courses they want at community colleges. Businesses are hiring illegals with impunity and city governments are openly violating federal law.

Its sad, but its like people in Ecotopia are in some kind of delusional state and not standing up to protect what they have. They are not standing up against the invasion because they’ve swallowed the lies that illegal immigration is humanitarian when if fact the opposite is actually true.

People have to stand up and take responsibility to create the kind of world they want. That world will not just happen due to natural forces. It must be created, shaped by actions. Humans are now like engineers of Planet Earth – whether the like it or not, whether they want to accept it and admit it or not. Humans now have the responsibility of engineering the planet and they are going to have to make decisive choices about how Earth should and should not be.

Presently, their lack of responsibility is creating a slow-moving catastrophe which gets worse every day. They are finding out the hard way as things collapse. Even while they often claim to ascribe to noble values, they are watching the actualization of those values in reality get decimated.