The #1 Thing to Save Yahoo

Change the name. I don’t know if this is something that has been seriously taken into consideration, whether there have been high-level meetings about this, strategic planning and projections.

But, the name has to be changed. It has to be something that is more business-like. Something that is non-agitating. Like the word blue. Or the word sky. Something like that. Something that people can easily remember and that will be easy to brand around – for example if it were “blue” then obviously there could be all this blue-themed stuff. If it were sky, then sky-themed stuff. I’m not saying use either of these, but something like these. These are the types of names that are popular for companies like Yahoo. But Yahoo is not a good name. Sorry.

Here are a few suggestions:


Obviously many of these are being used, but probably not by any big companies and could probably be acquired for a reasonable sum.

Another idea would be to get inspiration from feng shui. I have heard that feng shui-related changes to things, such as a name, can have dramatic results. Think big. Think of the entire world. Then think of something appropriate that resonates. That is how I would pick a name.

One final idea would be a rearrangement of the word yahoo into something better: perhaps something like hayaho or even more simply: yah or ayah or ayaho. Personally I really like yah and think it would be a really cool and very popular rebranding.

I can already visualize the promotional video and graphic images announcing the rebranding: “Yahoo is now Yah” featuring some Rasta guy saying “Yah man!”.